Other farm games

There are a lot of farm games, whether simulation games, management games or other. Most of these games offer to manage a farm with its vegetables, fruits and animals, they are more or less realistic, well done, visually pleasing, etc. That's why we decided to create a list of the best games of this type.

For us, Goodgame Big Farm is the best farm game in 2024 and Family Barn is #2, but many other games are interesting too.

#1 : Big Farm

Big Farm The game Big Farm is one of the flagship titles of the German game publisher Goodgame Studios.

It is a massively multiplayer online farm management game, which offers to exploit and make grow several farms and farms of different types (gourmande, ranch...). It's a particularly gripping and well done game, from the very first minutes of the game, one is very quickly caught in this very complete universe, which allows to control one's farm from beginning to end, by planting different types of seeds in the fields, to allow to feed many farm animals, which will produce products that you will be able to sell, and so on and so on.
In addition to the particularly successful graphics, it is above all the richness of the game, the interaction with other players, the missions offered and the excellent gameplay that we liked in this unavoidable game, and that make Goodgame Big Farm the best farm game that exists at the moment, and this with a comfortable lead over competing games, according to us.

#2 : Family Barn

Family BarnFamily Barn is a game from the publisher Plinga, which also have a huge community of players around the world.

The principle of the game is similar, although approached quite differently. The graphic universe of the game, very colorful, and at the limit of fairy tale sometimes, will seduce many players or especially players (everything is pretty and colorful, the animals are very cute, the animations adorable...) from the first moments in the game. The other strong point of Family Barn is its extreme richness. It is undoubtedly one of the most complete and worked out games available, especially free of charge, and the resources (plants, animals, buildings, decorations, etc.) are counted by several hundred, which is purely hallucinating. All this makes Family Barn has clearly made it clear that Family Barn has its place on this podium of the best farm games, but we were more seduced by the visuals and management of number 1, Big Farm, some will prefer the universe of Family Barn...

This list is anything but exhaustive, and this selection is above all a matter of taste ...

All are not similar (e.g. "Farm heroes Saga" whose operation has nothing to do with most others), some play online on PC, others on a Smartphone (Android or IOS), but all deserve a place in this ranking of the best Farm Games (no order of preference):

My Little Farmies Farmerama FarmVille 2 Hay Day Let's Farm Farm Up Farm Heroes Saga

As we said above, there are several hundred farm games. We can not list all of them, but some, even if they are not part of our rankings, still deserve to be mentioned because they are likely to interest players enjoying Big Farm.
Among these games, we could mention in particular Farm Frenzy, Youda Farmer, Stardew Valley, Farm Mania 2, ou encore Flower Farm, Klondike Farm, Dreamfields, My Free Farm, Farming Simulator, Professional Farmer, SimFarm, Ma Petite Ferme, Ma Belle Ferme or My American Farm.

Here, to finish, the list of other games from Goodgame Studios :

Goodgame Big Farm Mobile Harvest   Mobile version (Big Farm Mobile Harvest)
Goodgame Empire   Empire game (Goodgame Empire)
Goodgame Shadow Kings   Fantasy game (Goodgame Shadow Kings)
Goodgame Legends of Honor   War game (Goodgame Legends of Honor)
Goodgame Cafe   Café game (Goodgame Café)
Goodgame Disco   Dance game (Goodgame Disco)
Goodgame Empire: Millennium Wars   Colony game (Empire: Millennium Wars)
Goodgame Gangster   Mafia game (Goodgame Gangster)
Goodgame Fashion   Fashion game (Goodgame Fashion)
Goodgame Poker   Poker game (Goodgame Poker)

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